Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Alberta

Royal Arch Degrees Introductory Lectures


Please find attached the four Introductory Lectures for the MMM, MEM, RAM, and Virtual Past Master degrees.  I have presented these at various Chapters during my visits and to some candidates periodically, such as at the Field Day.  So far they have been met with enthusiasm and a desire to have them available for all Chapters to present prior to the candidate receiving his degree.  The short paper sets the stage for the degree and with the recent inclusion of a timeline era, puts the positioning of the degree in context to others they have received in Craft Lodge.  This is in hopes of preventing confusion as the candidate tries to figure this information out on his own after a degree is presented.
The Virtual Past Master’s Introductory Lecture would only be used when the Grand Chapter presents that degree at Grand Chapter and is not intended to infer that the individual Chapters can confer that particular degree on their own.  
MEC Jeff Knight
Grand 1st Principal