Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Alberta

M. Ex. Comp. Terry A. Drolet

Grand First Principal


2006 - 2007


My Companions, we have completed a successful 92nd Annual Convocation of the Grand

Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Alberta. Once again, I have been elected to a

leadership role in Masonry; this time as Grand First Principal of the Grand Chapter. I

feel very humble and yet proud and honoured to have another opportunity to serve my

Companions and Brethren again.

I am very grateful to those Companions who urged me to run for election 3 years ago; to

M.E. Companions Crawford, Harbin, Tetzloff, and Oslund, my most sincere thanks for

your encouragement and confidence. I think that I have previously related to you the

story of when I was preparing for my Fellowcraft Degree. A senior Past Master of my

lodge, a brother who knew me from childhood, said to me, “Terry, if you are asked to do

a job in Masonry, if at all possible, do it. You will never regret it.” How right he was. I

have had to on occasion decline, but I have never regretted taking on any task. I have

always received far more than I could ever have contributed.

Our Grand Chapter is small in numbers. Commitment by all our Companions, whether in

Grand Chapter or in our constituent Chapters is so important. We have so many

committed members who keep our Chapters going. We have been most fortunate in the

institution of a new Chapter, Stoney Chapter U.D. The commitment of the members of

that Chapter is to be complimented on their efforts to make this new Chapter a reality.

There seems to be a resurgence in Masonry, in our Craft Lodges and in our Chapters. We

have a commitment to our new Companions in doing our ritual work as best as we can to

impress our new members. We also have a commitment to educate them and stimulate

their curiosity and thirst for Masonic knowledge. We also have a commitment to support

our Chapter officers by making every effort to attend our Chapter meetings

To you my companions, I pledge my commitment to carry out my duties as your Grand

First Principal to the utmost of my ability.

“Commit thy way unto the Lord. Trust also in him and he will make it pass.”

Ps. 37, v. 5