Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Alberta

M. Ex. Comp. Eric Weigelt

Grand First Principal


2007 - 2008


Welcome to the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Alberta web site. It is my hope

that you will explore our web site and return to it many times.
We are living in exciting times. There is a resurgence of membership in our Craft Lodges
and consequently in our Royal Arch Chapters. As Royal Arch Masons we must support
and encourage our brethren in the Craft Lodge and our Companions in our Royal Arch
Chapters. We can support and encourage in many ways, by setting and achieving a high
standard in our ritual work, by providing rides to our meetings for our older members and
others who may not be able to otherwise come out or other small efforts on our part. We
all know what it takes to encourage and support within our family. We can make a real
difference in the world by bringing the same support and encouragement to our brethren,
companions and friends.
Finally, Freemasonry is the greatest fraternal organization in the world. Let us put into
practice the words in the General Charge of our craft installation:”the chief point in
Freemasonry is to be happy ourselves and communicate that happiness to others”.