Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Alberta

Keystone No. 12


Keystone Chapter donated two brass musical instruments to the local school music program, assisting students who are interested in continuing their musical education.


 MMM March 2023

Installation of Officers

RAM Degree
Comp. Carsten Schmutzer, Comp. Taylor Holien, and Comp. Alfredo Jasmin

March 21, 2022 – MMM Degree
Brother Alfredo Jasmin and Brother Carsten Schmutzer

Companions, below is a month by month synopsis of what I would like acomplish in the upcoming year.
Of course this could change at anytime if we receive Application(s) for Exaltation, regardless, I invite
you to attend Chapter and enjoy Capitular Masonry.

EC Daryl Holien (“Z”)


February 20th – Emergent Convocation; Education, VEC Peter Rodger
March 20th – Regular Convocation; MMM Degree, EC Stephen Cooper, WM
April 17th – Emergent Convocation; Education
May 12th & 13th – Grand Chapter in Red Deer; Keystone Hospitality suite
May 15th – Regular Convocation; MEM Degree, EC Keith Davis, WM
June 19th – Emergent Convocation; Z’s summer barbecue and Education
September 18th – Emergent Convocation; Z’s welcome back barbecue and Education
October 16th – Regular Convocation; Budget, Nominations for 2024; RAM Degree, EC Daryl Holien Z
November 20th – Regualr Convocation; Election of Officers for 2024

September September 19th  Welcome Back Barbecue

                                                       Regular business plus education;

October –         October 2nd         at 1900H RAM Degree practice 1
                          October 16th        at 1900H RAM Degree practice 2
                          October 17th        Official visit of the REC R. Sigouin, GDS #3
                                                       RAM Degree
                                                       Any business as may come forward under the usual Masonic restrictions;

November-  November 20th    at 1900H Practice and Chapter set-up
                           November 21st    Official visit of the Grand First Principal and his entourage
                                                        Nominations for 2023 (Forms shall be on SE desk prior to the opening)
                                                        Election of Officers

Red Deer Masonic Temple

4811 – 52nd Street Red Deer, AB. T4N 2C6


Keystone Chapter #12 

Initiation:  $250.00

Dues: $125.00 

Affiliation:  $75.00 + Annual

Social 6:00 pm , 

Festive Board 6:30 pm 

Chapter Tyles  7:30 pm.

Keystone Chapter meets on the 3rd Monday of the month,
except for July, August and December.


Instituted: October 27, 1915         Grand Chapter RAM of Canada
                                                 in the Province of Ontario

Transferred: March 15, 1919          Grand Chapter RAM Alberta

Re-Instituted: May 13, 2017          Grand Chapter RAM Alberta


 R. Ex. Comp. Robert Cantwell

email: ramkeystone12@gmail.com


Ex. Comp. Daryl Holien


At the Grand Convocation of Royal Arch Masons of Alberta held in Camrose Alberta May 2017, this Charter was reinstated by Grand First Principal MEC Duncan Strachan, Grand H. REC John Bronius, Grand J. REC Keng-Wei Chiew and GSE MEC Marvyn Rodgers and Keng-Wei Chiew presented to Keystone Chapter First Principal EX Comp Robert Cantwell and Companions of the Chapter.

The Charter became inactive after the Chapter became dark in 2004 and remained dormant until several Companions expressed an interest to reinstate Keystone Chapter to the Grand First Principal and GSE in September of 2015.

Companions instrumental in this revitalization included VEC Wm. Douglas, Ex.C. Robert Cantwell, REC Cliff McDermott, REC Garry Hodge, Ex.C, Peter Rodger, Glen English. Companions Randall Robinson, Dennis Robinson and the first meeting under dispensation was held November 15, 2015.

The Charter was reframed to ensure the 100-year-old document would be preserved for the future, and an amazing discovery occurred where another Charter was found beneath the current one, issued from the Grand Chapter of Canada on October 27, 1915 to Keystone Chapter #196 on the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Canada! Hand written on parchment paper it is still legible and in fair condition and remains in the frame with the current Charter.

The old Charter was in effect until March 15, 1919 when the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Alberta issued the current document and renumbered Keystone #12 on the registry of the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Alberta.

Keystone Chapter owes a debt of gratitude to many Royal Arch Masons for their dedication to the Royal Craft.

REC Garry Hodge
Scribe Emeritus
Keystone #12