Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Alberta

Past Grand 1st Principals


BACK ROW:  Don Gillies, David Hongisto, Norm Downs, Wally Watts, Keng-Wei Chiew, Bryce Duggan, David Boone, Eric Weiglet, Gerald Tetzloff, Duncan Strachan,  Richard Glasgow,  Jesse Carr;

FRONT ROW: Don Russell, Don Murray – GTrea ,  Gerald Waldern – G2P,  Rod Ponech – G1P,  Jeff Knight – G3P,  Jerry W. Kopp, Lyle Dowdell  


BACK ROW: Norm Downs, Don Gillies, Eric Weiglet, Gerald Tetzloff, Duncan Strachan, David Hongisto, Don Russell, Jesse Carr & David Boone ;

FRONT ROW: Don Murray – GTrea , John Bronius, Rod Ponech – G2P, Keng-Wei Chiew – G1P, Gerald Waldern – G3P, Lyle Dowdell, Missing Jerry W. Kopp – Photographer


BACK ROW:  Norm Downs, Jerry Kopp, David Boone, Eric Weiglet, Richard Glasgow, Duncan Strachan, David Hongisto, Gerald Tetzloff, Wally Watts, Don Gillies, Lyle Dowdell, Don Russell, Jesse Carr ;

FRONT ROW:  Alvin Edstrom, Keng-Wei Chiew – G2P,  John Bronius– G1P, Rod Ponech – G3P,  Don Murray – GTrea ,


BACK ROW:  Norm Downs, David Hongisto, Eric Weiglet, Don Russell, Wally Watts, Don Gillies, Gerald Tetzloff, Richard Glasgow, David Boone ;

FRONT ROW:  David Switzer, Lyle Dowdell, Marvyn Rogers-Grand Scribe E,  John Bronius– G2P,  Duncan Strachan– G1P, Keng-Wei Chiew– G3P,  Don Murray – GTrea ,  Jesse Carr


BACK ROW:  Jerry Kopp, David Boone, Norm Downs, Wally Watts, Richard Glasgow, Gerald Tetzloff, Don Gillies 

FRONT ROW: Eric Weiglet, Don Russell,  Lyle Dowdell, Duncan Strachan – G2P, Marvyn Rogers – G1P, John Bronius– G3P,  David Switzer,  Jesse Carr


BACK ROW:  Jerry Kopp, David Switzer, Eric Weiglet, Wally Watts,  David Hongisto,  Richard Glasgow, Gerald Tetzloff, Don Gillies, David Boone;

FRONT ROW: Jesse Carr, Marvyn Rogers– G2P,  Norm Downs– G1P, Duncan Strachan– G3P, Lyle Dowdell,  


BACK ROW:  Jerry Kopp, Richard Glasgow, James Lore, David Hongisto, Don Gillies, Gerald Tetzloff, Eric Weiglet, Don Russell, David Boone, Lyle Dowdell, ,       ;

FRONT ROW: Wally Watts, Marvyn Rogers-Grand Scribe E, Allan Frado– G2P,  David Switzer– G1P, Norm Downs– G3P, Don Murray G Treas, Jesse Carr,  


BACK ROW:  Jerry Kopp, David Boone, Richard Glasgow, James Lore, Eric Weiglet,  Don Gillies, Gerald Tetzloff,  Don Russell,  Lyle Dowdell, Jesse Carr ;

FRONT ROW:  Don Murray G Treas, David Switzer– G2P,  Wally Watts – G1P, Allan Frado– G3P,  Marvyn Rogers- Grand Scribe E, 


BACK ROW:  David Hongisto, James Lore, Eric Weiglet, Jesse Carr,  Richard Glasgow, Don Gillies ;

FRONT ROW: Gerald Tetzloff, Don Murray G Treas, Lyle Dowdell, James Crawford, Mervin Harper 


Back Row: Alvin Edstrom; Jessie Carr; Don Gillies; Eric Weigelt

Front Row: James Lore;  Peter Fairbridge;  Jim Crawford;  Mervin Harper