Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Alberta

Grand District No. 1 Superintendent

R. Ex. Comp. Tom Bremner

Grand District No. 1 Superintendent

R. Ex. Comp. Tom Bremner

email: gdsdistrict1@gmail.com


R. Ex. Comp. Ivan Hall

email: ramsecdistrict1@gmail.com

District No.1 Annual Meeting

Highlands Masonic Hall
November 5, 2022

The Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Alberta

Notice of District Meeting



Date: September 16, 2023
All District # 1 Chapters:

Notice of District Meeting

The annual meeting of District # 1 _, Royal Arch Masons of Alberta will be held
on September 16, 2023 at the Meridian Masonic Lodge, 4914 50 Ave, Stony Plain ,
Alberta commencing at 1:00 PMRegistration and coffee will be from 10:00 AM to
11:00 PM Education will be held from 12:00 – 1:00 PM.
District Meeting will commence at:1:00 PM
The meeting will be hosted by Stoney Chapter # 41. Enclosed is a copy of the
program and a copy of the memorial service in which the First Principals will take
part. The list of Companions called to the Grand Chapter above since our last
District Meeting is to be forwarded to the Grand District Superintendent with a
copy provided to the District Secretary for permanent records at least two (2)
weeks prior to the meeting. When called, the First Principal is to be prepared to
read or recite the names, rank, birth date, and date of passing to the Grand
Chapter Above of the departed Companions of his Chapter.
Also, the First Principal or his designated replacement is required to read out the
“Chapter Report to GDS at District Meeting”, (copy attached). Report is to be
sent to the Grand Superintendent with the original copy provided to the District
Secretary for permanent records at least (2) weeks prior to the meeting.
The nomination form for the office of Grand District Superintendent of District No.
1 for the 2023- 2024 term is enclosed for use in your Chapter. Your applied
attention to encouraging Ex. Companions to submit their nominations is
requested and appreciated. Please note, the Constitution requires nominations
must be on the desk of the District Secretary no later than 14 days before the
District Meeting in order to be accepted for the District Meeting.
Fraternally yours,

REC. Tony Taylor
Grand District Superintendent


District Meeting In Person Agenda


September 16, 2023

1) Coffee and Social 10:00 PM
2) Registration and Balloting 10:00 PMto 11:00 PM
3) Education 11:00-12:00 PM
4) Just prior to opening the GDS will request commencing with the most senior Chapter that the 1 st Principal or representative and the
members of the Chapter to stand and ask the 1 st Principal to verify that they are RAM’s. (One Chapter at a time in order of seniority)
5) Opening of District Meeting 1:00 PM
6) Introduction of Grand First Principal and Suite
7) Introduction of visitors
8) Memorial Tribute to Departed Companions
9) Reading and Confirming of Minutes of the 2022 District Meeting (Printed copies to be distributed)
10) Financial Report (Printed copies to be distributed)
11) Motion for District Dues/per Capita amount for the year 2023
12) Election of Financial Reviewers (2) for the following term
13) Introduction of Scrutineers
14) Reports from all District Chapters by Respective
First Principal or Representative
15) Report of Credentials Committee
16) Introduction of Nominees for 2023
17) Report of Immediate Past GDS by R.E. Comp. Bob Lemmens
18) Motion to accept the Report of the IPGDS and payment of
Honourarium to the IPGDS.
19) Presentation of PGDS. Regalia to REC. Bob Lemmens
20) New business
21) Report of scrutineers
22) Congratulate GDS-elect
a) Invite GDS-elect to address the members
23) Thank other nominee(s) for running and encourage them to let their name stand again next year.
24) Selection of location for 2024 District Meeting
25) Greetings/regrets from distinguished guests and visitors
26) Greetings of Grand First Principal or his representative
27) Special Thanks to Host Stoney Chapter
28) Closing remarks of GDS
29) Closing of District Meeting
30) Social (if applicable)

History of Grand Superintendents – District No.1 

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