Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Alberta

Ever get confused with proper protocol when addressing a Companion in Chapter?

This information will help.

In The Mark Master Mason & Most Excellent Master Degrees……Everyone …….is a Brother

Once Exalted to the Holy Royal Arch,….Everyone…… in Royal Arch Masonry is a Companion.

(when in doubt,  addressing everyone as Companion is proper) 

Companions having been Elected 1st, 2nd & 3rd Principals of a Chapter receive the distinction of being an Excellent Companion

Companions having been Appointed to Grand Chapter receive the distinction of being a Very Excellent Companion

 Companions having been Elected to Grand Chapter receive the distinction of being a Right Excellent Companion


Companions having been Installed as a Grand 1st Principal  are addressed as Most Excellent Companion


pro tem

Pronunciation /prəʊ ˈtɛm/ 

See synonyms for pro tem



  • For the time being.



  • Lasting only for the time being.

    ‘a pro tem committee’


Late 18th century abbreviation of Latin pro tempore.