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Tracing Board of the Mark Degree

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It has also been commented that there are differences  between English working and that used Stateside so I’ll give a brief description of the lodge layout as well.

First thing you would notice is that under English practice we do not have a central altar, the VSL is placed either on the Master’s pedestal OR on a small pedestal at the  Eastern end of the floor area.

We place the Master and Wardens as usual in the East,  South and West, Deacons at the right of Master and S. Warden.

The Overseers are seated in the central area, each at a  pedestal and facing their respective seniors, that is the M. O. facing W. Master, S. O. facing S.W. and J. O. facing J.W.

Secretary is seated in the S.E. with the Register of Marks  seated beside him, 

Inner Guard seated inside the door and the Tyler placed  outside.

Order of Ceremony is: Entry, Obligation, Enactment,  Entrustment, Charge.

Now to the board, I am working from memory here and so do not claim this to be exact but taken with the Lecture will give the sense.

In the top left corner is placed the emblem of the Mallet and  Chisel

Top Right has the Square and Compasses.

Bottom Left has the Hourglass.

Bottom Right has the Rope and Anchor.

Depicted in the centre of the board is an arched doorway  with a stair leading up to it.

At the foot of the stair lie the three stones, the Oblong, the Square and the Keystone. Engraven on the face of the  Keystone is the Equilateral Triangle while the Level and the Plumb are lying on the other stones, the 24-inch  Gauge and the Trowel are also here depicted.

On the head of the stairway in front of the doorway stand the S.W.’s pedestal and wicket. Standing to their left is depicted the J.W. carrying the Axe, the emblem of his  office.

There is also depicted here the VSL in the form of a Scroll.

Through the doorway are the Pictorial Representations, in  the foreground are the Clay grounds, the Precipitous Shores and the Forest while in the background can be seen the  Temple itself.

Over the doorway is Jacobs Ladder with Three Major Rungs  marked and also an All-Seeing Eye.

The 4 pictographs of the Masonic Cypher are placed at the head of the doorway and at the head of the representation on the board is the inscription.

This is frequently shown using Hebrew Characters rather  than in a Roman alphabet

This lecture is normally delivered to the lodge as a whole and not to just the candidates, it is in fact generally given instead  of an advancement, I in fact used to go round with the late DC of my  lodge as guests to other lodges where he would deliver the Lecture of  the Degree itself and I would deliver that on the Tracing Board.

Drew Gran

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