MMM The Working Tools

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Having expressed his desire to be advanced to the Degree of Mark Master Mason, and having been admitted within the door of the Lodge the Master Mason is received on the edge, of  the chisel under the stroke of’ the mallet, instruments which morally demonstrate the advantages of’ discipline and education, by which means alone one may become a fit member of regularly organised Society.

The working tools of a MMM are the Mallet and Chisel. Every Brother in passing through EA. and the FC Degrees has been made familiar with their uses. They are further employed by the Mark Master Mason to cut his Mark of approval and thus to indicate that the finished stone is fitted for its place in the intended structure. But we who are not operative but members of the speculative body apply these tools in a moral sense and thus the tools become instruments of wise instruction.
The Chisel

The chisel morally demonstrates the advantages of discipline. The mind like the diamond in its original state rude and unpolished; but as the effect of’ the chisel on the external coat soon brings to view the inner beauties of the gem, so education discovers the latent virtues of the mind, and draws then forth to range the wide field of matter and space, and to display the summit of human knowledge our duty to God and man.
The Mallet

The Mallet morally teaches the thoughtful Mason to correct irregularities and reduce man to a proper level, so that by quiet deportment in the school of discipline, he may learn to be content. What the mallet is to the workman, enlightened reason is to the passion, represses envy, moderates anger, and encourages good dispositions, whence arises among good Masons that comely order.

By being reminded of the moral advantages of discipline and education a Mason is, or should be, led to entertain a firm but humble hope that, by the correction of irregularities and the subjugation of passions, he may be found worthy to receive the approving Mark of T.G.A.T.U., as fitted to form part of that spiritual edifice, “that house not made with hands, eternal in the Heavens.”