The MEM Degree - Part 1

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In your entrance into the Temple you were received on the Keystone by the Inner Guard.

You were then conducted around the Temple six times, stopping on each round in front of the Master, who recited passages from the 122 Psalm.

You were then conducted to the Junior Warden by the Senior Deacon (your guide), where the same questions were asked that gained you admission into the Temple, then you were conducted to the Senior Warden, where again, the same questions were asked.

The Senior Warden announced to the Master that you. were properly prepared to be received and acknowledged as M.E.M.

You were instructed by the Senior Deacon how to approach the Altar by the proper steps, there you took a solemn Obligation.

You were then conducted to the north side of the Altar where you received the secrets of the degree, which consists of a Sign, a Grip and a Word, and you listened to a lecture, alluding to the secrets of the degree.

At this point you were requested to take a seat amongst the Brethren, by your guide, the Senior Deacon.

The Master enquired of the Senior Warden what is the hour and was informed by the Senior Warden “The third hour of the sixth day of the week.”

The Master then announced that this is the day and hour set aside for the completion and dedication of the Temple. He then instructed the Senior Warden to assemble the brethren for the performance of those solemn ceremonies.

When the Brethren were assembled, you took part, as you marched four times around the Temple, and witnessed the placing of the Keystone, indicating the Temple, was at last completed. You also witnessed the seating, of the Ark in the proper manner.

You listened to the first part of King Solomon’s prayers, and then marched twice around the Temple, and received by the Master as M.E.M. then listened to the concluding prayers of King Solomon.

You received two more Signs, and a lecture on these along with lectures on the Historical, Symbolical and the Charge.

You were proclaimed a M.E.M. and congratulated by the Master.

You were then requested to take a seat amongst your Brethren, thus concluding the degree.

Issued by the Educational Committee of Concordia Chapter #22 G.R.M