Appropriate Sacred Symbol

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The Triple Tau Symbol appears in Royal Arch Records as far back as 1767 and has been found on a RA. Certificate dated 1768. In those days the Triple Tau had what are called “SERIFS” or Tiny Cross Bars at the ends of the limbs of the letters.

The changing of the Geometrical Symbol appears to have taken place between 1822 and 1835. Although we find the true Triple Tau following 1820 it does not appear to have an official character until the issue of the revised regulations in the 1830's.

There are some Masonic Scholars who put forth the Theory that the Serifs were dropped to be in accord with the three “Inverted Taus” on the installed Masters Apron. Masonic Historians in England generally disagree with this Interpretation and call those symbols squares.

In the symbolical lecture we find the Triple Tau corresponds with the Triangles formed by the lights.

- Quoting from the Symbolical Lecture -

“The Triple Tau Forms Two Right Angles on each of the exterior lines and two others by their Union in the Centre - for the 3 angles of a triangle are together equal to Two Right Angles.”

Prepared by Stan Payne P.G.Z. G.R.M.