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Beautiful beyond description is this ancient word.

It began, probably four thousand years ago, with a Sanskrit root word which we should spell as cand, and which meant to shine, as when light shines. Through thick and through thin, it has continued to centre in that same early use ever since. The ancient Greeks called a golden coal kindaros. The Latins used candidus to denote something white and glowing.

From it we have such words as candelabrum, candescent, candle, candid, candidate, etc. Among the Romans a seeker for public office wore a bright white toga to signify that he had pure intentions and nothing to conceal. A Masonic candidate starts in the same case, because he comes well recommended, and under the tongue of good report,  It is for him to see that his record, which is to become represented by the white lambskin, Is never stained or polluted.

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