The Law And The Prophets

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The three lesser of the six lights are sometimes referred to as “the Light, the Law and the Prophets.” The expression is meant to be - “the Light of the Law and the Prophets.” The “light” in this case representing knowledge, and understanding of the “law” and the “Prophets” and it is this “light” which is the predominant wish of all Candidates.

It will, in turn lead them to the three greater lights which include the Sacred Word itself. The principal of all this is contained in the words of psalm 119 verse 18, which states “open thou mine eyes that I may behold the wondrous things out of thy law.”

The “law” is the general description given to the first five books of The Bible, otherwise known as the Torah or Pentateuch accepted as the words of Moses, the lawgiver.

The prophets indicate the writings of the prophets Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel and others who followed, all of whom were inspired by the Almighty to give details of his Holy Will and Word.

The Veils

The ceremony of passing of the veils is an allusion to the veils used by Moses as covering for the tabernacle erected in the wilderness. They were composed out of four things declared the elements. White signified, The earth because flax grew out of the earth: Purple signified the sea because it is dyed by the blood of the sea shell fish; Red signified fire and Blue signified the air.

The Triple Tau

The triple tau seems to have been a useful peg upon which ingenuity has hung its own explanations. It started life however, as a very distinct ‘T’ over an equally distinct ‘H’ and early explanations stated that it indicated the temple at Jerusalem. In the course of time the individual letters lost their character as such and combined to make the symbol as it is known today.

An Excerpt from “Royal Arch Matters.” by Roy A. Wells