The Chapter - What It Stands For

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We define Masonry as a progressive, moral science, and we say that the Chapter is a part of Masonry,  let’s take  a  look at  both  the  definition and at  the  Chapter and see if they can be fitted together.
First the definition:

Anything which is progressive cannot be fixed, - it  must  change,  and  the  change  must always be for the  better. In other words to be progressive we must grow, not only in numbers, but more especially in knowledge and works.

Morality cannot be confined to the question of Sex. A thing is moral or immoral as  it agrees with or violates the experiences of the past as to what is good for an efficient human society. Morals are truths gathered from the experiences of life.

A science is a system, or a regular arrangement of the elements of knowledge  relating to some subject. Thus Masonry is a growing system of the knowledge of the experiences of life.

The value of the study of Masonry cannot be over-estimated for as we understand  the experiences of Life and learn their causes, we are able to control the Forces that bring them about. That is, we are able by Masonic knowledge to control the circumstances in which we  live.
The Chapter:

We know the Chapter stands solely for a fuller understanding and practice of  Masonry. At the death of Hiram, a builder, ardent search was made and great anxiety felt  lest a word, he knew, or held the key to it, should be forever lost. It’s true that every Mason should know the word itself is of  little importance, but every Mason should feel the power of the knowledge of which that word is but a symbol. The lost word, its meaning and what one man believes it is and stands for is another paper, which will soon be forthcoming.

Labour, the loss and the search are peculiar Masonic precepts, which can best be  understood by a careful study of the Symbolic Lodge Degrees by the aid of the peculiar  light of the Chapter. The Chapter stands for, and is the key to Masonic knowledge and understanding. It unlocks the symbolism of the Symbolic Lodge. It shows the Craftsman,  how by honest working for his fellow man, he himself profits. How the little tasks, conscientiously and apparently unobservedly done, are not in vain. How the moral quality apparently destroyed with the possessor is not lost. How the kindness done or service  rendered apparently unnoticed or forgotten is sacredly preserved. How hard labour performed apparently without fee or reward must inevitably be fully compensated.

The Chapter stands for an ample wage for an honest service,  -  for  a knowledge  of  the Master Masons word that will enable us to travel in foreign countries, work and receive masters wages.

No attempt has been made to describe the Royal Arch Degree - or any of the other Chapter Degrees and in explaining “What the Chapter stands for” an attempt has been made  to phrase some thoughts, beliefs, hopes - but no one can describe a symphony so another can hear the sounds.

Prepared by Companion Justin 0. King,  - Capitular Information Committee.

Spreading Capitular Light and Knowledge in Colorado
VOL. III  December 1, 1969 NO. 5