Leadership Lost

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Leadership is such an intangible that you can’t put your finger on it, but you know it when you see it. In my opinion, you can’t make a leader. I believe that a leader is born and then the qualities are developed. Contrary to some popular theories out there, I believe you can only develop someone’s leadership abilities, not give them ability to do it. Masonry needs all the leaders it can find, we all know that. We need leaders with vision and foresight and the ability to step on a few toes in the process.

We tend to be a little wrapped up in what we ‘used” to do, making it hard for a true leader to function well in our organizations. A true leader gets tired of hearing “we’ve tried that before.” it is never mentioned that we tried it, but that was in 1957, and it is now 1999. Times change and we must be willing to let our organization change, where change is allowed, for future growth.

These three men who were willing to try new things and to look at what we might be able to do. They were willing to allow the future to enter our organizations where it was possible. Granted, they were willing in their own ways and styles, but they were willing. Two were willing to try anything while one, occasionally had to be shown that it would be all right. Yet, they were all leaders and leaders who were willing to do the right thing for Freemasonry. Freemasonry needs leaders ... we are losing too many. It is time that each of us either begin to use our leadership abilities, if we have them, or help those with the abilities to develop them. If we are not leaders, we must become good followers (and goodness knows, we need them, too!). Our job is to help Freemasonry survive by finding the right leadership for the right situation. If we can do that, I believe we will help in the future development of the Fraternity. Remember, we don’t all have to be leaders to contribute, but we all have a contribution to make to leadership. Next time you are at a Masonic meeting ... look around ... Lost any leaders lately? I bet you have ... what are you going to do about it? How will you help to replace Charlie Crockers, Victor Folkers and Dwayne Shallas of the Masonic world?        

- Royal Arch Mason Fall 1999  page 336