Keeping The Members Satisfied

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Successful Masonic Lodge is very much like a every successful business. It knows the members are the customers, and it will strive to keep the customers happy with the product it provides. What is a Lodge’s product?’ It is the meeting itself, the ritual and the tradition. The lodge meeting is the means by which members develop their communication and leadership skills. Inferior lodge meetings mean members do not learn what they joined the lodge to learn. Therefore, the result is an unhappy customer who decides to find a better product elsewhere,

Today’s intelligent people realize that the Lodge, a business, or a person is either growing or decaying. There’s no such thing as standing still. You can never reach a plateau where you say, “This is just where we want to be, this is it, now we’ll just sit back and let everything take care of itself, we’ll just hold the membership and maintain.”

As Sir Isaac Newton proved in his laws of physics, a body in motion tends to remain in motion, and a stationary body tends to remain stationary. If the lodge, a business, a person, stood still, and the rest of the country, the economy and the rest of the world continued to advance, it would create a situation in which the lodge, business or person. whether he liked it or would be going backward. Of course, if every thing in the world stood still at the same time, it’s probable that all would be alright. But, we do know this will never happen Our competition is not standing still, times are changing, likes and dislikes of the members change. We must change and grow with them or die. This doesn't mean that we give up ritual and tradition, because this is the basis of our existence.

It a successful lodge, business or person would consider himself to be as successful as he wants, and Would put all  aside and quit, WHAT THEN?


“Human brotherhood is not just a goal it is a condition on which our way of life depends. The question for our time is not whether all men are brothers. That question has been answered by the God who placed us on Earth together. The question is whether we have the strength and will to make the brotherhood of man the guiding principle of our Daily Lives.“

John F. Kennedy -  In Ye Olde Craft Lodge # 196 Jan 14, 1989