Guide To Pronunciation

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The following list is compiled to show pronunciation of the Anglicised forms of non-English names or words; that occur in Royal Arch Masonry. (Also useful in other Concordant bodies of the Craft). No attempt has been made to cater-for native or localised dialect. With regard to Hebrew, the different sects will adhere to their own pronunciations, but so far as Latin is concordant, as the true pronunciation has been lost, there are separate schools, literally, in the treatment of that language. If a particular form is preferred then that surely is the one to use for one should be true to the truth that one knows. What is ‘right’ to one Companion may be ‘wrong’ to another and the purists should be left to argue among themselves, as well as the rival schools. Speaking of ‘Rivals’, Sheridan’s effort in particular, this guide may well be of assistance to a Companion who perhaps through lack of acquaintance with a given word or expression may otherwise have trodden in the footsteps of Mrs Malaprop; who has not heard an inclusion of that nature in Freemasonry?

In some words the letters ‘I’ and ‘J’ are interchangeable,  as indeed are ‘J’ and ‘Y’, and often  the letters ‘B’ and ‘V’ in Hebrew. An example of this kind of adaptability is shown in the word ‘Alleluia’ which occurs in Revelations, chapter 19, and may be seen printed as ‘Halleluiah’ or ‘Halleluiah’, or ‘Hallelujah’. It derives from the Hebrew ‘Hallal’ for ‘praise’ and ‘jah’ which is an abbreviated form of the Ineffable name to mean LORD and occurs in Psalm 68. It is often used as a suffix in Hebrew names amongst which are: Elijah, Isaiah, Josiah, Jeremiah, Nehemiah, and Zedekiah, which all have an obvious meaning that refers to God.

Where stress should be voiced the phonetic spelling in this list has the appropriate syllable in ‘Italics’.

Aaron Air-ron
Abiathar Ab-I-ay-thar
Abif or Abiv Ab-if or Ab-iv
Abinadab Abin-a-dab
Abraham Ay-bra-ham
Acacia Ac-kay-sha
Adonai Ad-don-eye
Adoniram Ad-don-iram
Ahasuerus Ah-has-u-air-ous
Ahiman Ah-he-man
Ahimelech Ah-he-mel-leck
Ahiram Ah-hi-ram
Ahitub Ah-he-toob
Aholiab A-ho-le-ab

Aleph Al-ef
Alleluia Al-le-lu-yah
Amalcekitcs Am-mal-e-kites
Ammi Ar-mee
Amorites Am-mor-rites
Araunah Ar-rawn-nah
Artaxerxes Ar-tax-erk-seas
Babel Bay-bel
Babylon Bab-e-lon
Benedicat Ben-ne-de-cart
Benedictus Ben-ne-dic-tous
Benedicto Ben-ne-dic-tow
Benedicatur Ben-ne-de-car-tour
Berith Be-rith or berit
Bethlehemite Beth-le-hem-mite
Bezaleel Bez-ar-leel
Boaz Bo-az
Brethren Breth-ren
Chaldean Kal-de-an
Cherubim Cher-roo-bim
Cyrus Sy-russ
Darius Da-ri-uss
Dodecahedron Do-decca-he-dron
Ecclesiastes Ecc-clee-se-astees
Eleazar El-le-ay-zar
Eliab E-li-ab
Eliel E-li-el
Elohe El-o-ee or El-o-hay
Ephraim E-fray-im
Exaltation Ex-alt-tay-shun
Ezekiel Ez-zeek-eel
Gcdaliah Ged-a-ly-yah
Giblites Gib-lites
Giblim Gib-lim
Hagar Hay-gar
Haggai Hag-eye
Halidom Hal-e-dom
Harodim Harro-deem
Horeb Hor-reb
Icosahedron I-cos-a-he-dron
Isaiah I-zi-yah
Ishmeel Ish-may-el
Israel Is-ray-el
Issachar Iss-a-kar
Jachin Jar-kin
Jebusite Jeb-u-zite
Jehoachin Je-ho-a-kin
Jehosaphat Je-hos-a-fat
Jeremiah Jerry-my-yah
Jerusalem Jer-ru-sar-lcm
Josedech Jo-se-deck
Josiah Jo-si-yah
Jubelo Ju-be-low
Japhet Jay-fet
Judea Ju-dear
Kodes Ko-desh
Kebraoth Ke-bray-oth
Kadosh Kad-dosh