Rt. Em. Comp. Peter Crick

Rt. Em. Comp. Peter Crick

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In addition to our appreciation and awe of our Creator, I believe that the best gift you can receive from our gentle fraternity is the opportunity  to meet men strong in character, morals, family values and commitment to do what's right.  Men who you can learn from and who are open to learn from you. Men who share like minded principals and values. Men from all walks of life, age and geographical locations whom you may not have had the opportunity to meet had it not been for Masonry.
At this year's 100th year anniversary of the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Alberta convocation we were fortunate to see that gift occur first hand.  
Below you will find an email sent to me from M. Ex. Comp. Don Gillies in response to my inquiry on the story behind this visit as well as some photos.
Rt. Ex. Comp. Jack Drebit
Grand Webmaster 

Hi Jack,
    About 8 months ago, I received an email from Rt. Ex. Comp. Marvyn Rogers advising me of the appointment of Rt. Em. Comp. Peter Crick, Deputy First Grand Principal as the representative to the Grand Chapter of Alberta from the Supreme Grand Chapter of Victoria in Australia. Click here to view  As I have been the representative to Victoria since 1998, my first representative, Roy Shallcross had passed away.
    Before I could mail a letter to Peter for introduction and not knowing his email address, to my surprise, I received an email from Peter. Peter gave me much of his personal information as well he added his Skype address. Upon checking his Skype address, I sent a request for a contact and almost immediately received a reply. Peter and I have been in constant contact ever since.
    Then, about 6 months ago, Peter mentioned he and Deidre, his wife, thought it might be a great idea to attend the Grand Chapter of Alberta's centennial celebration and have a holiday along the way. They gave me some ideas of what they wanted to see and as I have travelled through British Columbia many times and they were landing in Vancouver, they were able to see much of British Columbia before coming to Calgary.
    In true Calgarian fashion, we welcomed them with 6 inches of fresh snow. Both Deidre and Peter thought this was a wonderful experience as they had never seen snow. As for Diane and I, we were offering to send a box of snow back to Australia with them as after 7 months of winter, we had reached our limit.
    Diane and I were able to show Peter and Deidre some of the sights around Calgary prior to going to Camrose for the annual convocation. It was a great pleasure for both Diane and I to host Peter and Deidre. We have built a relationship with them which will last us the rest of our lives.


Rt. Em Comp. Peter Crick honored us with a wonderful presentation of a Director of Ceremonies Baton from the Supreme Grand Chapter of Victoria in Australia to our jurisdiction.  M. Ex. Comp. David Switzer gratefully accepted this fraternal token of fellowship and then invested the Baton to our Grand Director of Ceremonies as the implement of that Office. This Baton will be part of our future Annual Grand Convocations providing a memorable moment in history for our next 100 years. 

 Presentation of a handcrafted Gavel and Sounding Board 
to Rt. Em. Comp. Peter Crick from M. Ex. Comp. David Switzer

Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Alberta



 Rt. Em. Comp. Peter Crick                              M. Ex. Comp. David Switzer


This Gavel was handcrafted by M. Ex. Comp. Wally Watts


There are seven woods used in the construction of the gavel set:

1/ Bubinga, 2/ Padauk, 3/ Zebrawood, 4/ Purple Heart, 5/ Yellow Heart, 6/ Maple, 7/ Clario Walnut 

The presentation box is made of Red Oak.


To make this type of gavel takes about a week due to the gluing and curing time for the gavel and sounding board as well as the cure time for the finish applications on the box.