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Most Excellent Companion
Keng-Wei Chiew
Grand First Principal


Grand First Principal’s message:

May 12, 2018

Welcome to the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Alberta’s Web-Site. 

As Grand First Principal of the Jurisdiction I extend greetings to all our members and visitors.


I invite you to browse and use the information that is available. You will find information on the happenings in the Jurisdiction as well a plethora of papers and essays on the many aspects and elements of the organization.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require further information on membership or activities.

I will be visiting throughout the jurisdiction over the next twelve months and look forward to meeting and being in Chapter with all of you.


M. Ex. Comp. Keng-Wei Chiew


























Happy to meet, Sorry to part, Happy to meet again!


This website is intended to be a resource for the Royal Arch Masons in Alberta plus allow others a portal into the wonderful world of York Rite Masonry that is alive and well in Alberta, Canada. It is our wish that Master Masons will find this site a wealth of information and allow easy contact to the individual Chapters within the length of their cabletow.  Master Masons are encouraged to partake in a daily lesson of research and instruction into the hidden mysteries of nature and science.  Becoming a Royal Arch Mason is a logical step in this direction with the contents of this site allowing answers to your questions and a direction to resources in order to obtain further clarifications if necessary.




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Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Alberta

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